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    Welcome to 9th Grade Social Studies! This year, we will be studying the second half of American history. By analyzing the many changes that America went through from the end of the Civil War to now, students will develop a better understanding of America today and our global economy. It is my goal to build the students’ critical thinking skills through engaging activities that include group work, independent work, and full class discussions. We will employ technology in and out of our classroom, relying upon the mass of information available online to create an interactive and compelling learning environment. I look forward to working with you this year, and I hope that, together, we can make learning history enjoyable!
    Regents Syllabus 2014-15.docx}2015-2016.docx} {Benchmark Unit 1 9th.doc}9th NEW.doc}
    Unit 1: Pre-Colonial America, Colonial America, The Revolution
    {Unit 1 Vocab and Theme.docx} {Key Terms 1.1.docx}
    {Colonial America DBQ Graphic Organizer.docx} {DBQ Question Colonial America.docx} {colonization dbq 2013.pdf}
    {Colonial Geography 2015 GO.docx}
    War PP.pptx} {French{French and Indian War New WS.docx}2015 GO.docx} {French and Indian War GO.docx} {MercantilismNew WS.docx}
    PP.pptx} {Mercantilism
    Laws WS.docx}
    {British Mercantilism Policy
    Representative Government WS.docx}GO.docx} {Early Forms
    Representative Government GO.docx}WS.docx}
    {Enlightened Influences
    {Enlightened Influences WS.docx}GO.docx} {Enlightened Influences PP.pptx}WS.docx}
    {British Reaction to the FIM PP.pptx} {British Reaction to the FIW GO.docx} {Consequences of the French and Indian War WS.docx}
    {Colonial Reaction to British Rule PP.pptx} {Colonial Reaction to British Rule GO.docx}
    Colonial Activies WS.docx}GO.docx} {English Reaction
    Colonial Activies GO.docx}WS.docx}
    {Declaration of Independence PP.pptx} {Declaration of Independence WS.docx} {Declaration of Indepependence GO.docx} {Declaration of Independence WS.docx}
    Unit 2: The Constitution & Early Challenges to the Constitution
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